Music is Powerful !!!

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Music is Powerful!!!

So, ever wonder why there are so many people listening to music everyday, what is in music that makes people so happy and joyful to listen to it. Hello, my name is Jorge. This is why music has become as famous as it is. Let’s start off be saying that the music you listen to has a powerful effect on you. Say have you ever felt depressed and started listening to music and felt better? Well this is because we relate with the music we listen to, if not then we just calm down and go to our own little world where we forget all the problems surrounding us.

Why it’s Great!

Music is an amazing way to calm yourself down. With what I said earlier that we relate to it, well this basically means that the lyrics in the song are very close to what is happening during this point in our life. A friend of mine has just gotten out of relationship and still is emotional about it. He listen to a song by Three Days Grace called “Last to Know,” which is also about a breakup. Listening this song, my friend feels that he’s not alone in this, and that it happens to other people too. Music can spread a powerful message to people especially if it becomes very famous. It can shift people’s attitudes when they’re having a bad day. I am sure that once in awhile when you’re not feeling the best and just pop your headphones to listen to music and feel more relaxed. We’ve all done it because it really does help us calm down and forget all the stress.  

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Although this is true the same songs don’t work for the same people. You can’t expect to put 6 different people feeling depressed and make them listen to the same relaxing song. Some will not like it. It doesn’t mean the song isn’t good and doesn’t serve its purpose. This just mean that people have different tastes for different types of music. Say you put me to listen a calm reggaeton song, well I’d probably hate it and feel even worse because I hate reggaeton. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, my tastes for calm music is different from many peoples’. While if I listen to a calm techno song, I probably feel relax and better. It all has to do with my taste on what I like and dislike. Who know some of you may likely disagree with me and say techno is awful and reggeton is the way to go. Well that’s your taste and it’s perfectly fine. I hope you enjoy and learned a thing or two about what makes music so great. Have a nice day! 🙂

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